Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Catch-Up!

Hey all--sorry I've been AWOL but things before Thanksgiving were busy-busy-busy and I'm just now catching my breath.

Tuesday (aka dragging-students-through-one-more-day-before-break)
J Crew Factory Sequin Bow Cardigan
J Crew Stretch Wool Peter Pan Collar
Anne Klein Pumps
Kate Spade Bow Earrings and Ring

Our Family Christmas Card picture!
I'm wearing:
J Crew Lightweight Cotton Cardigan
J Crew Factory Metallic Snowflake Tee
Joes Jeans
J Crew Earrings

Tom and CJ, decking the halls (of my parents' house). 

Monday, November 25, 2013


I love having meetings with older Navy officers--they are not afraid to call a spade a spade (or to call bullshit on bullshit).  This is what I wore for one of those today:

J Crew Lady Jacket
J Crew Ponte Swing Dress 
Bandolino Loafers
Kate Spade Earrings 

(CJ is rocking a Gap Kids button up and Gymboree leggings.  And some gloves from Target--cause that's how she rolls.)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Kate Spade Carolyn geometric print dress
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Tahari Mary Janes (YES I have two pairs of black Mary Janes, I know, it's a problem.)
Earrings via Etsy

This face is what happens when Tom asks about work while taking pictures.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

War is Over

...or has it just begun?  No debate travel till January, but I still have a lot going on.

J Crew Heavyweight Silk Bow Top
Anthropologie Scalloped Dots Skirt
Naturalizer Mary Janes
Kate Spade Earrings

Anthropologie Maeve Dress
J Crew Cable Cardigan
Betsey Johnson belt
Naturalizer Mary Janes
J Crew Bubble Stud Earrings
(I kinda felt like a sassy diner waitress in this outfit.  Like I needed a pencil stuck in my bun and a notepad in hand all day.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Off Day

This dress doesn't fit like I remember it fitting.  Maybe I am done with it?  Maybe dresses with straight/fitted skirts (and no stretch!) are just not my jam?  Maybe my hips just don't lie (apologies to Shakira)?  I felt like I was in a sausage casing all day, and when your workday is 14 hours long, that is a lot of sausage.  this was the MOST flattering picture of the bunch--so imagine the others.

J Crew Cable Cardigan
J Crew Dress
Dansko Loafers
Monogram Necklace via Ebay
J Crew Stud Earrings

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lunch Date

Ran out to VA to have lunch/gossip with a bestie.  Totally worth the drive.  Plus check out my awesome birthday present--the Maleficent scarf!

J Crew Workwear Shirtdress
Anthropologie Bow Belt
Eddie Bauer Boots
LC by Lauren Conrad Bow Earrings
Disney Maleficent scarf

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Classic (With a Twist?)

Friday night, we headed out to dinner at Les Vieux Logis in Bethesda.  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was darling, very cozy and fancy without being too formal.  

J Crew Factory Lace Shift
Nickels Pumps
LC by Lauren Conrad Bow Earrings

Then on Saturday we went out to brunch at La Malinche in Silver Spring, followed by a viewing of the movie Gravity.  Brunch was delightful.  I found Gravity to be extremely stressful to watch, but thought George and Sandy were great.

J Crew Velvet Bella Jacket
Merona Boatneck Tee
J Crew Denim Minnies
Eddie Bauer Boots
Necklace from Epcot France (!!!)
Earrings via Etsy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bow-led Over

Cause there are lots of bows in this outfit?  Get it?  Sorry, people...I got nothing.

Anthropologe Moulinette Souers Cascading Bows Dress
Anthropologie Moth Precious Materials Cardigan
Naturalizer Mary Janes
LC Lauren Conrad Earrings
Kate Spade Bow Shoppe Purse

J Crew Perfect Tee
Joes Jeans
Banana Republic Factory Vest
Dansko Boots
Kate Spade Darcel Scarf
Kate Spade Orchard Valley Sinclair Purse
J Crew Bubble Stud Earrings

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Abstract Ruffles

Okay, so I love this cardigan a lot.  Which is why I've worn it for two posts in a row.

Also, YES, our Halloween decorations are still up.  I'm working on it.

J Crew Abstract Floral Dress
Anthropologie Tabitha Ruffle Cardigan
Dansko Loafers
Kate Spade Bag
J Crew Pearl Earrings
Hair Flower via Etsy

Monday, November 4, 2013

Miss November

Yes, once again, my birthday has come and gone at a debate tournament.  Here's what I wore:

Anthropologie Tabitha Cardigan
J Crew Perfect Tee with Applique by Sue's Sparklers
J Crew Velvet capri pants
Kelly and Katie Flats
LC Lauren Conrad Earrings
(That afghan in the background--was crocheted for my by my Bubbie when I was born.  32 years ago.  Still looks like the day it was made!)

Ain't no party like a Navy Debate party, 'cause a Navy Debate party is a mandatory job obligation and occurs in a semi-sketchy Mexican restaurant attached to a Quality Inn in Clarion PA.

But really--had a great time with some great people who I love very much.