Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pillsbury Doh! Girl

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Vintage Brooch (you can't really see it in the picture but I LOVE it)
Ann Taylor Loft Blouse
Tracy Reese for Anthropologie Peppered and Striped Skirt
Target Shoes

Pillsbury because I'm channeling Emma, and by channeling I mean "straight-up stole her outfit" (thanks to WWEPW for the screenshot):

Doh! because I've fallen off the blogging-wagon.  But I'm back on!  No harm no foul!  Etc!

As an apology, please accept this picture of me, my mom, and CJ doing a little pre-holiday non-baking (it was a staged photo shoot for Christmas picture gifts, though CJ did wake my mom up and demand she make peanut butter cookies for breakfast that morning, so close enough?):

The aprons are from MamaMadison on Etsy...she's unfortunately not taking any more Christmas orders but if you're in the market for an apron (or a matching grandma-mom-daughter set) you should definitely head over after the new year starts.

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