Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dotty Redux

Eva Franco Dress
J Crew Ruffle Cardigan
Merona Tights
Bandolino Mary Janes

Packing to go to the NDT!  (EXCITED!!!!)  Leaving the house at 4 am.  (LESS EXCITED!!!!)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pre-Gaming Easter

I'm going to be gone for work over Easter so we pre-gamed it today.

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Banana Republic Blouse
J Crew Minnie Pants
Bandolino Wedges
J Crew Pearl Cobblestone Bracelet
Earrings from the Vatican Museum Gift Shop (these are super pretty pearl and pink sapphire drops, a gift from my in-laws)

Both my shirt and CJ's shirt are from Cutesy CK Designs via Etsy--the text says "hangin with my Peeps"
Joes Jeans Gatsby Jeans
Fit Flops Clogs (klassy, I know.  At least a half step up from Crocs, and hopefully they are tightening the old glutes...?)

Please excuse the Rec Room (Wreck Room?), at least it's obvious we have fun down there.

And now, some pics of our festive Easter decor (the wreath and egg were CJ/Danielle DIY collaborations):

Anyway--happy Pre-Easter (and Palm Sunday)!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wave Those Poms! (And a dairy free question)

Anthropologie Tabitha Pom Shift
J Crew Merino Ruffle Cardigan
Merona Black Tights
Naturalizer Mary Jane Pumps

This dress is SUPER flattering...I kinda want it in all the different patterns that came out, though I think this was definitely the cutest.  (Emma agrees.)

Pic courtesy of WWEPW--how hard did I weep when she announced she'd no longer be blogging on the regular?  I don't even WATCH Glee anymore (shark jumpage and too many scenes starring the annoying Rachel) so I really just wanted to see what my redheaded semi-doppleganger was wearing.  So I could shamelessly steal it.

Now--has anyone ever cut out dairy?  My aesthetician STRONGLY recommended it as an answer to my hormonal-acne-chin-situation.  Are there any substitutes you like?  So far I've switched out milk for soy milk in my lattes and used some vegan cheese substitute shreds on a homemade pesto pizza.  Life without cheese is looking grim.  In fairness, I don't feel the need to cut it out completely, just dial way back.  Any suggestions?

ETA: I was eating a LOT of dairy (cheese); or at least enough that she was very skeptical and then concerned.
Her: How much dairy do you eat in a day, would you say?
Me: I don't really do a lot of milk.  The occasional yogurt for breakfast and I would say like 4-5 ounces of cheese in a day.
Her: Four to five OUNCES?  (voice of disbelief)
Me: Yeah, that's like a couple of slices of cheese and some shredded on a meal or a salad.
Her: That is a QUARTER POUND of CHEESE.  A DAY.  That is a lot of cheese.
Me: Is it?  (At this point she just kind of looked at me.)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dotty Day

J Crew Bouquet Cardigan
Nanette Lepore Dress
Nickels Heels
J Crew Earrings

Random thoughts:
Today a colleague said I looked like Audrey Hepburn--probably objectively not true but still a nice compliment.
The collar of this dress kept doing weird things under my coat all day.
LOOK MA, NO TIGHTS!  It was in the 50s today.  Spring, come on over!
My adult acne is becoming really frustrating. :(  (TMI?)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back on the Chain Gang

Totally how it feels to go back to work after Spring Break.  Even though all I did was clean, organize, and grade last week (not like I went on some exotic trip or anything), it's still so hard to get back in the habit of going to my office.  Not helping: they installed a new operating system on my work computer and it keeps crashing.  Neat!  Definitely makes me want to stay in my office all afternoon.  

Cynthia Steffe Blouse
Merona tank top
J Crew Minnie Pants
Eddie Bauer Boots

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Merona Tee
J Crew Factory Garment Dyed Matchstick Jeans
David Tate Silver Flats
Mint Rose earrings via Etsy

Oh hey--look at this leprechaun I found!

We made her go to a party with us.  She wasn't so sure about all these crazy Irish folks.

(Slainte means "health" in Gaelic and is used as a drinking toast in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

ADA Nats!

The American Debate Association's National Tournament was held this past weekend at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.  I (once again) took no pictures, but here's my driving outfit:  

Anchor Scarf--I have no memory of where I got this, and I think it's old as dirt.  But cute!
J Crew Sequin Stripe Tee
Gap Polka Dot Skimmer Jeans
Converse Dot Slip Ons

The following pictures are courtesy of Wake Debate:

Merona Polka dot scarf from Tar-zhay
J Crew Peacoat
J Crew Cashmere Sweater (that's the green bow you see peeking out)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not Easy Being Green

I've had a rough couple of days trying to wrap my brain around the sequester/furloughs.  I wish I had more to say but I'm honestly just so bummed about it, and am also trying to figure out how my work schedule is going to work out.

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Eva Franco for Modcloth Dress
ASSETS tights
Mix In 6 pumps (which replaced my trust Aerosoles ones...I discovered they had a hole in the sole, after a good 6 years of weekly wear.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Etsy St Patty's Picks

We're some serious Irish over here, so we celebrate St Patrick's Day seriously.  Not like the amateurs, going out and drinking themselves sick.  No, we deck ourselves in green, eat green treats, and drink Irish coffee.  A much safer and saner way to celebrate!  We might also hit a parade, and there's an open house being hosted by some of our Irish friends.

I thought I'd share a few fun picks from Etsy if you're interested in decking the halls in Irish cheer.  The full treasury is here, but these are my top faves:

St Patrick's Day Rag Wreath: I'm planning on making one of these, but with ribbon instead of fabric scraps--I'll share it with you when I'm done!  The ribbon I ordered hasn't showed yet so the project is still on hold.

Vintage St Patrick's Day Brooch:  So cute!  I can imagine Emma Pillsbury wearing this to "pinch-proof" herself.

St. Patrick's Day Glitter Shamrock Apron:  Much more fun to whip up some corned beef and cabbage when you're wearing a thematic apron.

St. Patrick's Day Milk Glass Mugs: These are big enough that you can add a bit more Bailey's.  Or a lot more Bailey's, if that's your cup of tea coffee.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Firmly Anchored

J Crew Anchors Aweigh Scoopneck Blouse
Anne Klein Trousers
Kate Spade Velvet Flats
J Crew Twisted Hammock Pearl Necklace

Weird thing happened yesterday--I was browsing in TJ Maxx and found this SAME BLOUSE--same print, same color, even the exact same buttons on the shoulder...but instead of a J Crew label it had a Cynthia Rowley label.  Given that this was supposed to have been designed by J Crew's "in-house designer, based on her yacht trip to the Greek Isles"...don't know how that happened.  I almost bought it cause it was $20 and would have made a good gift, but refrained out of protest.  Mostly cause I paid like $70 for this blouse last year.

Another weird thing--my Citizen Eco Drive stopped keeping time like 6 months ago, but getting the battery replaced was going to be a hassle so I kept putting it off (apparently it needs to be sent back to the company to put a new solar panel in it, which was going to cost like $100).  I stuck it in my windowsill on Monday on a complete whim--sort of an absolute last attempt to make it work--and lo and behold, it kept time!  So I wore it yesterday.  Hope it keeps it up, as I love the old girl.