Sunday, March 17, 2013


Merona Tee
J Crew Factory Garment Dyed Matchstick Jeans
David Tate Silver Flats
Mint Rose earrings via Etsy

Oh hey--look at this leprechaun I found!

We made her go to a party with us.  She wasn't so sure about all these crazy Irish folks.

(Slainte means "health" in Gaelic and is used as a drinking toast in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.)


  1. I'd wear this outfit in a heartbeat :)
    nice combo.

    1. Thanks Lorena! All of the pieces were super comfy so it made a nice party getup too. Plenty of room for eating, shirt long enough to pick up kid without giving anyone a free show...that's all I ask. :)

  2. great shirt- I saw them in Target - cute with the jeans!

  3. I wish I could wear a tutu that cute without looking ridiculous or like I am trying to be Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex & the City opening montage. ;-)

    I didn't do anything on St. Patrick's Day except go to Pilates so I had to settle for a mint green workout top.