Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Festive! Sort of.

J Crew Perfect Tee (with applique via etsy)
Joe Fresh Skinny Jeans
Ugg Josette Boots
Tartan Plaid Cashmere Scarf via ebay

I have been so casual for so long because classes are over.  I'm jonesing for a dress-up day!  

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's the Holiday Season

And before this picture was taken I had consumed SEVEN mimosas, folks.  This is what Christmas brunch parties do to me.

Kate Spade Cardigan
Kate Spade Spike the Punch Tee
Joe Fresh Jeans
Ugg Josette Boots (told you I'm never taking them off.)

CJ's in a Gymboree tee, Target Cherokee jeans, and BooRoo boots (yes, I'm obviously crazy, but not crazy enough to pay $85 for a pair of Uggs that she can wear for one season and not even to school.)


We leave for NYC on Friday, right after CJ's holiday sing-a-long.  Not sure how much I'll be posting till after the New Year.  If you don't hear from me, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!  

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I'm currently referring to the fact that I never want to take off my Uggs ever, ever, ever again.

J Crew Cashmere Sweater
Joe Fresh Skinny Jeans
Ugg Josette Boots
Kate Spade Watch
Earrings via Etsy

However, I could also be referring to the current state of disaster my house is in or the "meals" we've eaten for the past 2 weeks. (Let's just say both the Thai delivery lady and the guy who mans the rotisserie chicken part of the grocery store would be able to pick me out of a crowd.)  I'm willing to blame Christmas, end-of-semester-rush, or hosting a debate tournament in T -5 weeks...or we could go with D) all of the above.

I'm sort-of consoling myself by saying that things will settle down after Christmas, but they'll gear back up quickly enough.  Hopefully I'll be able to fit some cleaning into the lull period.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Testing in a Winter Wonderland

Sunday outfit:
Anthropologie Laced Peplum Hoodie 
J Crew Perfect Tee
Joe Fresh Skinny Jeans
Bearpaw Boots

Yesterday it snowed.  Kind of hard.  We thought it was going to flurry so we went out ice-skating (well, two skaters and a spectator, I don't participate in winter sports; I do however drink warm beverages and wave at skaters like a freaking boss).  Then we had lunch by the skating rink--by the time we came out it was coming down fast and hard.  (That's what she said?)  Of course, in a panic, the schools all closed.  We then woke up to find that it had rained overnight and the only dangerous part of the road was my driveway.

Unfortunately, while elementary schools closed, the Naval Academy was still open for business (or for hegemonic projection?  Plz advise).  And I had a final to give at 0755.  And I had sort of promised donuts and coffee.  So I packed up mini-me and we bailed from my house at 0640 (ughhhh forever).

Monday morning testing party:
J Crew Factory Stripe Boatneck Dress
Merona Tights
Ugg Josette Boots
J Crew Earrings
Kate Spade Watch

I was worried because 6 is not known for being a patient age, or an age good at being quiet for sustained periods of time.  Heavy bribes were offered (donuts, hot chocolate).  Toys were packed.  It turns out, a classroom with a white board and multiple colored markers is all you really need.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Can Explain

J Crew Perfect Tee (Iron on via Etsy)
J Crew Minnie Pants
Nine West Driving Mocs

When you have to give an EXAM on a SATURDAY less than 3 weeks before Christmas, you want to dress festively and comfortably.  (You also want to dress in garments that will stretch so that you can eat one of the donuts you brought your students, along with coffee, to make the experience at least slightly more pleasant.)  Honestly, what kind of draconian institution do I work for, scheduling exams on Saturdays in December?!  Oh...right...


Happy Holiday Party

Anthropologie Netted Stanza Top
J Crew Velvet Capris
J Crew bow flats
Kate Spade Bourgeois Bow Earrings
Pearl Cluster Bracelet via Etsy

Today was our department's holiday party.  It was also the day I signed up to do Safe Spaces training (to support gay and lesbian students at the Academy) so I missed the round robin gift exchange we usually do.  However, since I contributed a gift, there was a bottle of wine sitting on my desk waiting for me when I got back!  It's like the Spirit of Christmas wants to get me drunk.  Ho ho ho!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Plum Puddin'

Kate Spade Bosley Dress
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
J Crew Bow Flats

Last day of class--now just to slog through grading papers and exams!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Party and a Repeat

Tuesday was our debate team's Christmas party.  Predictably, I was so focused on eating hostess-ing that I forgot to take any pictures of the actual event, but here's what I wore:

Kate Spade Jada Dress
Theory Cashmere Cardigan
Naturalizer Mary Janes
Target Merona Bow Belt 
Vintage Bow Necklace via Etsy
Kate Spade All Tied Up Bow Earrings and Ring

And I wore this today for a faculty meeting.  Yeah I just the cardigan last week but...I love it...

J Crew Factory Sequin Bow Cardigan
Banana Republic Blouse
Anthropologie Pilcro Sidewise Skirt
Dansko Mary Janes
Kate Spade All Tied Up Bow Earrings and Ring

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Catch-Up!

Hey all--sorry I've been AWOL but things before Thanksgiving were busy-busy-busy and I'm just now catching my breath.

Tuesday (aka dragging-students-through-one-more-day-before-break)
J Crew Factory Sequin Bow Cardigan
J Crew Stretch Wool Peter Pan Collar
Anne Klein Pumps
Kate Spade Bow Earrings and Ring

Our Family Christmas Card picture!
I'm wearing:
J Crew Lightweight Cotton Cardigan
J Crew Factory Metallic Snowflake Tee
Joes Jeans
J Crew Earrings

Tom and CJ, decking the halls (of my parents' house). 

Monday, November 25, 2013


I love having meetings with older Navy officers--they are not afraid to call a spade a spade (or to call bullshit on bullshit).  This is what I wore for one of those today:

J Crew Lady Jacket
J Crew Ponte Swing Dress 
Bandolino Loafers
Kate Spade Earrings 

(CJ is rocking a Gap Kids button up and Gymboree leggings.  And some gloves from Target--cause that's how she rolls.)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Kate Spade Carolyn geometric print dress
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Tahari Mary Janes (YES I have two pairs of black Mary Janes, I know, it's a problem.)
Earrings via Etsy

This face is what happens when Tom asks about work while taking pictures.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

War is Over

...or has it just begun?  No debate travel till January, but I still have a lot going on.

J Crew Heavyweight Silk Bow Top
Anthropologie Scalloped Dots Skirt
Naturalizer Mary Janes
Kate Spade Earrings

Anthropologie Maeve Dress
J Crew Cable Cardigan
Betsey Johnson belt
Naturalizer Mary Janes
J Crew Bubble Stud Earrings
(I kinda felt like a sassy diner waitress in this outfit.  Like I needed a pencil stuck in my bun and a notepad in hand all day.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Off Day

This dress doesn't fit like I remember it fitting.  Maybe I am done with it?  Maybe dresses with straight/fitted skirts (and no stretch!) are just not my jam?  Maybe my hips just don't lie (apologies to Shakira)?  I felt like I was in a sausage casing all day, and when your workday is 14 hours long, that is a lot of sausage.  this was the MOST flattering picture of the bunch--so imagine the others.

J Crew Cable Cardigan
J Crew Dress
Dansko Loafers
Monogram Necklace via Ebay
J Crew Stud Earrings

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lunch Date

Ran out to VA to have lunch/gossip with a bestie.  Totally worth the drive.  Plus check out my awesome birthday present--the Maleficent scarf!

J Crew Workwear Shirtdress
Anthropologie Bow Belt
Eddie Bauer Boots
LC by Lauren Conrad Bow Earrings
Disney Maleficent scarf

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Classic (With a Twist?)

Friday night, we headed out to dinner at Les Vieux Logis in Bethesda.  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was darling, very cozy and fancy without being too formal.  

J Crew Factory Lace Shift
Nickels Pumps
LC by Lauren Conrad Bow Earrings

Then on Saturday we went out to brunch at La Malinche in Silver Spring, followed by a viewing of the movie Gravity.  Brunch was delightful.  I found Gravity to be extremely stressful to watch, but thought George and Sandy were great.

J Crew Velvet Bella Jacket
Merona Boatneck Tee
J Crew Denim Minnies
Eddie Bauer Boots
Necklace from Epcot France (!!!)
Earrings via Etsy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bow-led Over

Cause there are lots of bows in this outfit?  Get it?  Sorry, people...I got nothing.

Anthropologe Moulinette Souers Cascading Bows Dress
Anthropologie Moth Precious Materials Cardigan
Naturalizer Mary Janes
LC Lauren Conrad Earrings
Kate Spade Bow Shoppe Purse

J Crew Perfect Tee
Joes Jeans
Banana Republic Factory Vest
Dansko Boots
Kate Spade Darcel Scarf
Kate Spade Orchard Valley Sinclair Purse
J Crew Bubble Stud Earrings

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Abstract Ruffles

Okay, so I love this cardigan a lot.  Which is why I've worn it for two posts in a row.

Also, YES, our Halloween decorations are still up.  I'm working on it.

J Crew Abstract Floral Dress
Anthropologie Tabitha Ruffle Cardigan
Dansko Loafers
Kate Spade Bag
J Crew Pearl Earrings
Hair Flower via Etsy

Monday, November 4, 2013

Miss November

Yes, once again, my birthday has come and gone at a debate tournament.  Here's what I wore:

Anthropologie Tabitha Cardigan
J Crew Perfect Tee with Applique by Sue's Sparklers
J Crew Velvet capri pants
Kelly and Katie Flats
LC Lauren Conrad Earrings
(That afghan in the background--was crocheted for my by my Bubbie when I was born.  32 years ago.  Still looks like the day it was made!)

Ain't no party like a Navy Debate party, 'cause a Navy Debate party is a mandatory job obligation and occurs in a semi-sketchy Mexican restaurant attached to a Quality Inn in Clarion PA.

But really--had a great time with some great people who I love very much.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Anthropologie Charlie and Robin Gumshoe Sweater Coat
Nanette Lepore Dress
Dansko Loafers
Vintage Pumpkin Brooch and Earrings via Etsy

Channeling my spirit animal...

Of course I can't resist a good couples costume and Tom is such a good sport!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If That Last Post Wasn't Hipster Enough For You

Eva Franco Dress
Anthropologie Cardigan
Naturalizer Tights
Kate Spade Earrings
Coach Glasses (these are my new prescription glasses)

Today I was the 2N in a practice debate against my varsity team.  Gotta say--I've still got it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I Wanna Be Where the PBR...

I took CJ to Disney on Ice on Sunday--this is what I wore:

Meta-Hipster Ariel.
GAP Jean Jacket
Target Hipster Ariel Tee
J Crew Minnie Pants
Kelly and Katie Flats

And, CJ had a Halloween party on Saturday (Tom took her, I can't roll at Chuckie Cheese...).  So a big warm CS&D welcome to Hello Kitty!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rhapsody in Blue

J Crew Silk Cap Sleeve Dress in Abstract Dot
Ann Taylor Factory Cardigan
J Crew Bow Flats

I feel like I'm getting so lazy about accessorizing--I'm wearing a pair of LC Lauren Conrad bow earrings in this pic but you can't see them.  A necklace would have looked great with this but it was so early in the morning that I couldn't be bothered to pick one out, and I knew that a big necklace would just get taken off to clutter up my desk at about 2 pm anyway (and I am at work until 9 pm generally; a big necklace just makes my neck sooooo tiiiiired by then).

Adding to Wednesday's good news, however: they also FINALLY replaced my office laptop from 2008.  Functioning technology AND a raise?  Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Here's a really pretty rendition of Rhapsody in Blue (once I put it as the title I just had to listen to it):

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Very Good Wednesday

Maybe not even a very good Wednesday (which are generally mediocre at best)...maybe just a very good day.  Today I found out that I got a small raise which will kick in right after my birthday, in time to also be factored in for my 1% COLA (which everyone is excited about cause we haven't had one in 2 years)!  Further, my debate trip to Clarion was approved.  And I got my sock bun in on the first try.  So today was honestly pretty high in the good day spectrum.  

Tom says I look mad with my arms crossed; I think I look like a boss.  A boss who got a raise.

J Crew Merino Tippi in Arygle
J Crew Minnie Pants
Anne Klein loafers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

Today was CJ's Star of the Week presentation.  Apparently yesterday at school she got paint in her hair and since it was dark I didn't notice it and try to scrub it out.  So this morning I had to cut off ~3 inches of hair and then try to braid it into pigtails as requested.  #ninjamomskills  Fortunately I am capable of cutting hair at least in a straight line (just don't test me with wrapping paper).

Anthropologie Precious Materials Cardigan
Banana Republic Blouse
Anthropologie Pilcro Sidewise Skirt
J Crew Bow Flats
Earroms Via Etsy