Monday, December 9, 2013

Testing in a Winter Wonderland

Sunday outfit:
Anthropologie Laced Peplum Hoodie 
J Crew Perfect Tee
Joe Fresh Skinny Jeans
Bearpaw Boots

Yesterday it snowed.  Kind of hard.  We thought it was going to flurry so we went out ice-skating (well, two skaters and a spectator, I don't participate in winter sports; I do however drink warm beverages and wave at skaters like a freaking boss).  Then we had lunch by the skating rink--by the time we came out it was coming down fast and hard.  (That's what she said?)  Of course, in a panic, the schools all closed.  We then woke up to find that it had rained overnight and the only dangerous part of the road was my driveway.

Unfortunately, while elementary schools closed, the Naval Academy was still open for business (or for hegemonic projection?  Plz advise).  And I had a final to give at 0755.  And I had sort of promised donuts and coffee.  So I packed up mini-me and we bailed from my house at 0640 (ughhhh forever).

Monday morning testing party:
J Crew Factory Stripe Boatneck Dress
Merona Tights
Ugg Josette Boots
J Crew Earrings
Kate Spade Watch

I was worried because 6 is not known for being a patient age, or an age good at being quiet for sustained periods of time.  Heavy bribes were offered (donuts, hot chocolate).  Toys were packed.  It turns out, a classroom with a white board and multiple colored markers is all you really need.


  1. Oh yes, the bribes are great and are life savers at times. Your daughter is a cutie and I love your photos! The colors are so vibrant and really compliment the clothes and the Christmas decorations.

  2. I loved this post. You certainly rolled with the punches or the snowflakes, as it were. My eyes kept stopping on the word, "donut." Oh my gosh! Now that is all I am craving! : )

    I love your dress. I am thinking I might need to check JCrew out, but I certainly do not need another addiction.