Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wave Those Poms! (And a dairy free question)

Anthropologie Tabitha Pom Shift
J Crew Merino Ruffle Cardigan
Merona Black Tights
Naturalizer Mary Jane Pumps

This dress is SUPER flattering...I kinda want it in all the different patterns that came out, though I think this was definitely the cutest.  (Emma agrees.)

Pic courtesy of WWEPW--how hard did I weep when she announced she'd no longer be blogging on the regular?  I don't even WATCH Glee anymore (shark jumpage and too many scenes starring the annoying Rachel) so I really just wanted to see what my redheaded semi-doppleganger was wearing.  So I could shamelessly steal it.

Now--has anyone ever cut out dairy?  My aesthetician STRONGLY recommended it as an answer to my hormonal-acne-chin-situation.  Are there any substitutes you like?  So far I've switched out milk for soy milk in my lattes and used some vegan cheese substitute shreds on a homemade pesto pizza.  Life without cheese is looking grim.  In fairness, I don't feel the need to cut it out completely, just dial way back.  Any suggestions?

ETA: I was eating a LOT of dairy (cheese); or at least enough that she was very skeptical and then concerned.
Her: How much dairy do you eat in a day, would you say?
Me: I don't really do a lot of milk.  The occasional yogurt for breakfast and I would say like 4-5 ounces of cheese in a day.
Her: Four to five OUNCES?  (voice of disbelief)
Me: Yeah, that's like a couple of slices of cheese and some shredded on a meal or a salad.
Her: That is a QUARTER POUND of CHEESE.  A DAY.  That is a lot of cheese.
Me: Is it?  (At this point she just kind of looked at me.)


  1. This dress on you - gorge! I love it paired with the honey mustard and the fit on you is divine!

    I've been eating yogurt fairly regularly lately and actually have been lamenting some random chin acne at the same time - I had no idea the two might be related!

    1. Thanks Lisa!

      She seemed to suggest that milk and cheese were the worst culprits and said something about the fermentation process of making yogurt made it less bad, though still something to enjoy in moderation. Which makes me super sad because I like yogurt for breakfast.