Sunday, October 7, 2012

Party Time! Excellent!

J Crew Workwear Shirtdress
Merona Belt
Merona Bangles
Converse Slip Ons

Ran out to Target to buy some last minute party supplies.  The checkout clerk told me I was channeling "early 80s Madonna".  Uhhhh...really?  I mean, not that it isn't a compliment and I'll take it, but I'm wearing a jean dress and spotted ripped lace gloves or giant bow headband (or huge perm) in sight.

Today was CJ's birthday party.  Here are some pics of the party setup:

Pre-party, admiring our balloons.

Treat table--I made the wreath and assembled the banner.  As a tradeoff, I made the cookies from a mix (though I did cut out the fondant buttons and frost the doll cookies in the back) and I bought the cake from Sams (and it was REAL good).

CJ's reaction to the treat table.  Mission accomplished.

Party activity--I bought coloring pages off of Etsy, printed on cardstock, cut around them, and glued to a popsicle stick.  Puppets!  There were crayons, markers, and glitter glue on the table for the kids to use to decorate them.


Waiting patiently at the art table.

Hanging out.

Where's the remote?

Blowing out the #5 candle.

Chilling with friends.


  1. Birthday party is precious! The Madonna comment is bizarre...people are strange! Love the chambray dress!

    1. Thanks Jeannie! I didn't see it either.