Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday/Debate/Shopping Weekend

What's the best 31st birthday present a gal could ask for?

Going to a debate tournament, obviously.

Actually, this tournament was great.  Five of the seven teams we brought with us advanced to elimination rounds--one of them was advanced over by another team (hit each other in the bracket in octofinals), one team lost in octofinals, and the other teams all lost in quarterfinals, but still a great weekend for Navy Debate!

Thursday's outfit--my actually birthday, so I decided to wear my birthstone color, "golden topaz":

J Crew Dress
J Crew Merino Ruffle Cardigan
DKNY Tights
Liz Claiborne Flats

In addition to all the winning that happened this weekend, the midshipmen got me another gift:

(Ignore the crazy hair, we'd been debating for like 18 hours straight by the time this photo was taken)
J Crew Navy Tweed Jacket
J Crew Perfect Boatneck Tee
I Love Jesus A Latte Mug--via the Liberty University Bookstore
(Not shown: J Crew Navy Tweed Postage Stamp Mini, Merona Tights, Kelly & Katie flats)

Sunday's outfit, for a day of running around, coaching teams in elims, and driving six hours home in a van:

J Crew Merino Tippi in Argyle
J Crew Minnie Pants in Navy
Kelly & Katie Flats

The gift of the weekend that kept on giving?  We were at Liberty University, which is in Lynchburg, VA.  Guess what else is in Lynchburg, VA?


Or, actually, centerS...because there is so much amazing J Crew stuff that they had to expand.  We left Thursday night to avoid traffic and rushing around on Friday morning, so I had several hours to take myself and some of the team (ok, just the girls) shopping.

I didn't take pics because I forgot my camera and the lighting wasn't great for phone pics, but I did manage to snag:

--Flared Ponte Dress--$40 (almost bought this at full price in store 2 weeks ago...glad I didn't...)
--Navy Director Dress--$40
--Navy Minnies--$20 (liked them so much I wore them Sunday!)
--Merino Argyle Tippi--$30 (ditto!)
--Pleated Skirt in Polka Dot Crepe--$40
--Collection Envelope Clutch in Dot--$40 (my loooooove...I thought I had missed you forever!)
--Lady Jacket in Double Serge Gray--$60
--Saint James Green Striped Tee--$40
--Navy Perfect Boatneck Tee--$15 (wore it Saturday!)

They had a lot of great stuff.  Almost got the lady jacket in the mustard color (didn't because I was worried it wouldn't end up matching my mustard double serge skirt, and I already have a bright yellow Maggie jacket), the tipped peacoat (but I just got a navy peacoat and the one they had was ivory, which is totally unpractical Mom Outerwear), and an Edie purse (weird size and some vaguely obvious scratching).  Also picked up some Christmas presents for my mom/brother/brother's girlfriend and a few tops for CJ to wear to school.  $12 for a crewcuts tee shirt?  Can't beat it.'s an adorable team pic:

All in all, a great weekend!  Working on my Liebster Award post--thanks to Jeannie of Colorful Corporate who nominated me!

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