Friday, December 7, 2012

Team Spirit, Take 2

This time they could tell it was blue and gold, and lo, they were well pleased.  "Ma'am (still hard to swallow after all these years), you look AWESOME!" said the first kid I saw.  Obviously sucking up for the final.  Whatever, hopefully they let their excitement over my outfit bleed over into their course evaluations.

J Crew Ruffled Merino Cardigan
J Crew Heavyweight Silk Blouse
J Crew Factory Tweed Skirt
Merona Tights
Bandolino Loafer Pumps

Last night was the debate team Christmas party--the theme was "Treat Yo Self" so we had desserts only.  I made cheesecake balls, peppermint chocolate cake balls, funfetti cupcakes, gingerbread mini cakes, and moustache sugar cookies (interactive fun for all involved!).  My mom contributed a pumpkin roll that was gone in approximately 4.2 seconds.  We also had apple cider and hot chocolate courtesy of my Keurig.

The debaters bought me a farting hippo, just like Abby on NCIS has, for when I'm feeling sad at work.

Of course,  I forgot the camera.  So no pics.  I wore my red minnies with a white tee shirt and a lime cashmere cardigan, all J Crew (duh), for those following along at home.


  1. LOVE the heavyweight silk top! It's so elegant! Great outfit!

  2. Bow blouse is so pretty on you.

  3. Thanks ladies! I think it might be my new fave. I wasn't going to get it because even with the extra discount off of sale, it was still like $80, but then I found it NWT on ebay (obviously from the clearance store, black line thru tag and shipping from Lynchburg) for $50. It was definitely worth $50!