Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Team Spirit Week

J Crew Maggie Jacket
J Crew Director Dress
Merona Tights
Bandolino Shoes
Betsey Johnson Earrings
J Crew Twisted Hammock Necklace

Navy plays Army in football this weekend, and this week is known as "Army Week" on the Yard.  Mids engage in pranks, tomfoolery, and hijinks.  Hopefully no one gets hurt or PUTS LIVE SQUIRRELS INTO THE POLITICAL SCIENCE HALLWAY like they did 6 years ago.

Given how bad I am at practical jokes, I'm participating in Army Week by wearing team colors.  However, this dress is such a dark navy that I think it reads black, which means I got a lot of "midshipman bitchface"--because black and gold are Army's colors.  (Seriously, the color palette had to be basically THE SAME for both teams?  Don't even get me started on our Notre Dame rivalry, with BOTH TEAMS in blue and gold.  #lame)  Whatever.  I knew it was blue and gold and that's all that matters.

To further spread Navy spirit, here are two of my favorite spirit spots:

This one was actually made for Air Force week but is still pretty funny...:

Enjoy, and BEAT ARMY!

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  1. Oh I did think you're wearing black, oh well, now I get it on the team colors. ;) No matter, you look gorgeous in that golden yellow!!!