Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Baby Shower, a Weekend at Work, and 200 Posts!

On Saturday I had a baby shower for one of my college besties.  I managed to take exactly ZERO pictures but the theme was baseball as she's a huge baseball fan (also a Javy Lopez groupie and a fiercely competitive fantasy baseball player, as I discovered in college when I gave away two of my best players to her now-husband, as I had no idea what I was doing, and still managed to come in second to her runaway first place in our league).  Her little guy will be all baseballed up, as I had no need for any baseball decor and so left it all with them.

Thom Browne Cropped Blazer (from the Target/Neiman Marcus holiday collaboration)
J Crew Perfect Boatneck Tee
J Crew Factory Matchstick Jeans
Bandolino Wedges

Today, I had to go into work to meet with my top team.  Our district tournament is next weekend and honestly...we are woefully underprepared.  The timing is really unfortunate as the midshipmen took 6-week exams last week so had no time to do work during that craziness.  So we met for several hours today to play catch-up.  We'd planned to meet tomorrow too but I think the mids got too close of a look at the bags under my eyes, because they suggested that we all work separately tomorrow, then meet up on Tuesday to compare notes and review assignments.  So tomorrow will be a sweatpants-work-day (combined with some laundry and maybe some grocery shopping if I get REAL ambitious...)

Merona Polka Dot Sweater
J Crew Minnie Pants
Kelly and Katie Flats

This is my 200th post!  Get the confetti and noisemakers!


  1. ohhh love your Merona sweater! Maybe you can link up tomorrow for my Thursday Target Threads! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today! What is your job?

    1. Gonna try to! I meant every word. I coach debate and teach Criminal Law at the Naval Academy in Annapolis--it's big fun! (I can say that now as my travel season is almost done, don't know what I'd tell you in October...)