Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Awards Ceremony

Today was the Prizes and Awards Ceremony for the Humanities and Social Sciences Division.  One of the debate team's alums (gentleman on the left) sponsors an award that generally goes to the team captain--this year we gave it to two mids who are inseparable.  Then we all went out to lunch together (still inseparable!).  After that, headed to a party for another one of our graduating mids.  Busy day!

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Anthropologie Highest Accolades Dress
Aerosoles Wedges
Kate Spade Earrings
Gymboree Necklace (why yes, I DID steal this pearl necklace from my 5 year old.)


  1. OMG, perfect dress for an awards ceremony, love it! It's not only theme appropriate, you look lovely. LOL about the necklace.

    1. Thanks Tiffany! You know it's a good dress when even the midshipmen say something about it (they're usually oblivious).

  2. Highest's a knee slapper. You looked beautiful. Never ever would've guessed about the necklace.

    1. Oh Anthro, you and your witty dress names...

      What's really sad is I have 5 bubble necklaces, all kinds of multi-strands, pearls in the myriad colors of the rainbow, and I had to raid my kindergartner's closet for a simple single-strand pearl necklace. #priorities