Friday, August 2, 2013

Lazy Day and a Short Product Review

Didn't do much but a Target run and a West Wing marathon today while CJ was at camp.  Somehow I'm still sleepy anyway...

J Crew Sequin Stripe Tee
J Crew Factory Machstick Jeans
Converse One Star Sneakers
Earrings from Icing (::shame spiral::)

I'm wearing this  magic lipbalm from Sephora--it looks clear in the tube, you swipe it on, and it reacts to your body chemistry or whatever to create the perfect shade of pink for you (they also had a gloss version but I'm on a balm kick lately, my lips have been real chapped).  I believe this is a dupe of Dior Addict Lip Glow--but this cost $12 instead of $28.  I've always had good experience with Sephora brand lip products--their longwear lipsticks are fantastic and this balm is great.  In short, A+, go buy it immediately.


  1. Mood changing lipstick. lol Thanks for sharing. I like the Sephora line.

    1. Haha, wonder if it will turn dark when I'm in a bad mood. School starts in 2 weeks so I'll report back. ;)
      I like the Sephora line too--and it's not much pricier than the drugstore brands.