Friday, May 25, 2012

I like my cake pops like I like my...

...mashed potatoes.  White and lumpy.  (What did you think I was going to say?)

This was a test run to see if I could make them, as I sort of epically failed last time.  They are a little blobby but 1) the ones I did later were better, so my technique is improving, and 2) I am planning on dipping the "for real" batch in multicolored sprinkles so they look like tiny versions of this:

and then sticking them in a white styrofoam wreath form, which means the blobs will be less obvious.  They'll be one of the dessert options at CJ's preschool's art auction.  I think the other options will be mini cherry cheesecakes:

Here's the recipe, via Bakerella.

And maybe, if I am feeling ambitious, I will also make these super-cute little smores cups:

Recipe here.

We are in charge of all of the catering, but desserts are the most fun part!  The rest of  the menu will likely be hors d'eouvres from Sam's Club...and wine, of course.  (What's a party benefiting a preschool--BUT without the preschoolers present--without a little booze?)  It's not until June 9 but I wanted to practice early so that I had time to work out any kinks (or abandon cake-pop ship), but it worked out pretty well!

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