Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekday Update

Sorry, haven't posted in a while...life got super crazy for a while again.

*Tom went to an out-of-town wedding so CJ and I hung out alone on Saturday.  We went to IHOP for a smiley pancake and then headed to Color Me Mine where we painted an absurd amount of pottery. (A trinket box and a mug for me, a mug for Tom, and a mini piggy bank for CJ.)

*Furnace (and thus air conditioning)--still busted.  I think they are going to fix it this week or next though.  I continue to be comfortable, Tom continues to be miserable.  CJ abides.

*Our wedding anniversary is on Sunday!  Six years.

(Tom wore that same expression every time I gave a 2ac; not sure why he's making the "please-don't-drop-the-counterplan" face while I'm thanking our guests though?)

*These are so cute!  I love calla lilies (see above)...think I will take some scrap paper and lily it up this weekend.  (Pointless trivia moment: did you know that calla lilies are the 6th wedding anniversary flower?  Well, I guess you do now!)

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