Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Magic

Went to see Magic Mike last night.  My main complaint was that Channing Tatum kept getting in the way of Matt Bomer.  Also, that there was not enough Matt Bomer and they should make a sequel to this movie that is all about Matt Bomer  (Magic Matt?).  YUM.

(Yes, I know he's gay.  I love how people keep telling me that as though it's the only barrier to us being together foreversies--not my marriage or the fact that he's a movie star and we don't know each other.  Oh, he's gay?  Well now it's impossible, never mind.)

Anyhoo, here's what I wore:

Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan (I thought I'd need this for the movie theater, but I guess when it's 106 outside, even the freezing cold of a theater for 2 hours feels good)
J Crew Perfect Tee
J Crew Chambray Swing Skirt
J Crew Grosgrain Espadrilles
J Crew Bubble Necklace


  1. Adorable! (You and your daughter, that is. Though, I agree Matt Bomer has his charms. ^_-)