Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wear Your Heart on Your Skirt

J Crew Jackie Cardigan in Modern Red (or maybe Bright Flame?  Persimmon?  Don't remember.)
J Crew Perfect Tee
J Crew Jardin Skirt in Heart Throb
Kelly and Katie Slides

New photography spot--because the lighting was so atrociously weird in the old one tonight.  The curtains were billowing around due to the air conditioning vent so we tucked them up.  Note the Amazon box in the corner.  This place is a photographer's dream set!

Saying cheese in other languages (I believe this was "Fromage!") sometimes does not result in a big smile.  Sometimes it gives you Sour Snark Face.

The photographer's assistant was the best in the business, though.  (I hear he pays her in ice cream.)

Also, LOL:
Tom: Mom looks smoking tonight.
CJ: Mom is so hot she caught fire and burned herself and then yelled "JEEZ LOUISE".

Four year olds are somewhat literal.

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