Friday, June 7, 2013

Nice Lei

J Crew Ponte Swing Dress (in Navy)
Groopdealz Rose Necklace
Bandolino Wedges

Ah, yet another entry in my collection of work-appropriate pajama dresses.  The seam at the waist called out for a belt but I don't have a navy one and couldn't find my white one, so I did without.  I loved this dress in papaya but couldn't justify it, even at $60 on sale.  The navy, however, seemed far more reasonable at that price.

I'm glad I bought this necklace for $15 from Groopdealz (lol name) as opposed to $150 from J Crew because I think it might be a tad large.  One of my colleagues asked if I was going to do a hula after lunch.  Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but it's definitely a "statement piece" and perhaps a statement I should not make too often.

I do not know what that crumply white thing behind my feet is, and frankly, my friends, I do not care.


  1. I love this neckace, and I definitely think that it looks like a lei too! I haven't seen the J. Crew version up close, and I'm wondering if the two are similar in size? Anyhow, I ordered both the coral one and the white one from Groopdealz because the price can't be beat and the quality is pretty good. I think the necklace looks stunning against your dress!

    1. I saw the J Crew one in person when it first came out in the red and I feel like they're the same size but the J Crew one was heavier? I actually kind of like these necklaces lighter so the Groopdealz one is a winner for me too.

      I think this looks better on you because it's more proportional to your height. BUT, I still love it and I'm sure I'll wear it a lot...just not too much!