Sunday, June 30, 2013

You Had to Be a Big Shot, Didn't Ya?

This was the last outfit I wore to work before I left for debate camp! 

J Crew Big Shot Dot Dress
Andrea Viccaro Cardigan
David Tate Flats
Earrings via Etsy

No outfit pics from debate camp yet (though I have worn some fairly cute outfits, but I feel weird asking professional colleagues to take my picture...).   However, Gonzaga has some of the most beautiful flowers just growing around the buildings--they are such a pleasant surprise when you turn the corner!

So here are a few of those:


  1. Ha, kwym on asking somebody. It's as if hey I think I look good, can you help me document it?

    You do look super cute in the big shot :) and thanks for showing the pretty campus.

  2. This is such a great dress and I'm excited for the opportunity to wear it! The silver flats are a great complement to it.