Saturday, October 5, 2013

And Today, Just Bouncing

At CJ's birthday party, which was at a bouncy house place called Pump It Up.  I was a little reluctant to have a party outside the house (more expensive) but now I'm pretty sure it's worth the price.  I didn't have to worry about cleaning the house (before OR after) and I didn't have to prep the food.  They had pizza (every 6 year old's fave!) and ice cream cake (Tom's fave) with Hello Kitty on it (CJ's fave).  And did I mention I didn't have to cook or clean (my fave!)!?!?  A+

CJ mentioned about a month ago that she wanted to wear a Hello Kitty shirt...and she wanted me to wear one too.  I didn't want to get too anime-Lolita so I figured I'd just get a bigger size of the one I bought for her.  Thank God for kids size XL, huh?  (I also kind of liked it because you have to be staring at my chest pretty hard to notice that these are Hello Kitty faces instead of just studs.)

Target Hello Kitty Collection Tee
Joes Jeans Phoebe Deconstructed Wash
Converse One Star Slip Ons
Target Circo Hair Bow

On CJ: Same tee, Gymboree leggings, Converse One Star High Top Slip Ons


  1. So cute! I love having birthdays outside the house. You get to come home to a clean house. It is fantastic! I don't know what the heck I was thinking doing it at home all of those years. Although, my daughter wants a giant sleepover in a couple of weeks for her birthday. Oy!

    I kept looking at the shirt because I couldn't see the Hello Kiities, but then I could. Just adorable. Good news today for government workers, as well. Although, it will be so great when this is just over.

    Have a great weekend! P.S. do you live in California? I ask because I have had a Pump It Up party for my child before.


    1. I'm in Maryland, but I wish they'd move the Naval Academy to California!!!

      I was super happy to hear that we're going to get paid afterwards (and made sure to avoid the internet commentariat trolls on news websites). Also, at the beginning of the shutdown, Congress voted to authorize funds so the military and "necessary civilian support staff" would still be paid. The DOD is apparently evaluating that memo and trying to interpret it very broadly so the max number of civilians could go back to work. It makes me feel really happy but then I feel guilty because I think of all the other civil servants who would still be out of work.