Sunday, June 30, 2013

You Had to Be a Big Shot, Didn't Ya?

This was the last outfit I wore to work before I left for debate camp! 

J Crew Big Shot Dot Dress
Andrea Viccaro Cardigan
David Tate Flats
Earrings via Etsy

No outfit pics from debate camp yet (though I have worn some fairly cute outfits, but I feel weird asking professional colleagues to take my picture...).   However, Gonzaga has some of the most beautiful flowers just growing around the buildings--they are such a pleasant surprise when you turn the corner!

So here are a few of those:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

OMG PACKING IS SO HARD (And a potential hiatus)

Ughgggggggggghhhh you guys...I am teaching at a debate camp at Gonzaga University for a month.  That is not the ugh, that is going to be fun.  The ugh is the packing for a month of living in a furnished-dorm-apartment.  Dorm apartments are awesome in theory: your own bathroom!  A kitchen! Not having to walk around the dorm in a bathrobe while teenagers gawk at you!  The reality is, you need a lot of stuff if you're going to live in a place for a month, even more if you're not eating at the dining hall.

I am so mean without coffee right when I wake up.  SO. MEAN.  SOMEAN.  So I threw my office Keurig (one of the small ones) in a suitcase.  If I go, she goes.


As an inveterate list-maker, I've been working on what to bring for a month or so.  It's these last few days that are a real test of one's mettle, as you attempt to underpack instead of overpack (not gonna happen, overpacking is my default position).  I am not one of those people who can pack for a month in a backpack, washing my skivvies in the sink every night, see: here (not really, these people are expert packers, but the idea of wearing the same few things over and over just sticks in my craw).  The limiting factor WAS the two suitcase limit...but then I remembered Amazon Prime.

Why pack a hair dryer?  Prime it.  Curling Iron?  Prime it.  Mattress pad?  Prime it. Shampoo?  You know what's up.  Laundry detergent?  PRIME-A-PALOOZA.

If I had thought about this more, I probably would have just bought everything on Amazon and shipped it out there before I arrived.  Well, live and learn I guess.

Is anyone else out there weird about having your necklines match?  That is, wearing a V-neck cardigan with a V-neck dress?  Is that a super-Church-Lady thing to say?

Crewneck cardigan and V-neck dress?  I smell...SATAN!

Anyway, I hunted and hunted for a white cotton v-neck sweater.  I checked Banana, Gap, Ann Taylor (did snap up a black one), and of course Main Crew.  I reeeeeeally wanted their featherweight cotton cardigan in white, but it was all sold out.  I eventually got this one from the Crewlet:

What's your color, friend?

Somewhat reluctantly, because I need more of a true white than an "ivory" which is what this color is called.  Hoping it's another instance of a color misnomer and that it will be what I'm looking for.  Given that I'm leaving on Thursday, I had to ship it to the debate camp.  Will I be judged by a bunch of teenaged cool-kid hipsters for my love of preppy style or my willingness to shop the Factory version?  Stay tuned!

So during this month of high-school-debate-festivus, I'll be without my loyal photographer, which means OOTD snaps will be few and far between.  I'll try to do what I can, but stick with me through July and I'll be back much more regularly in August.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Step One: We Can Have Lots of Fun

Last night I went to the New Kids on the Block (and Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees) concert with my two besties from college.  New Kids were big when I was in elementary school so needless to say, I didn't see them the first time around but I made up for it the second.  We also jam-a-lammed to Boyz II Men though were mostly lost RE: 98 Degrees.  Although Nick Lachey is still smokin'.  However, Joey Mac is still my first true love (sorry Tom).

J Crew Perfect Tank
J Crew Factory Sequin Tank
Gap Jean Jacket
J Crew Factory Matchstick Jeans
Converse All Stars
Target Merona Purse
Earrings by Dondalee's via Etsy

Tom bought me the seats as my Valentine's Day present.  I told him that hypothetically, if I went, I wouldn't want to drop a lot of dough on the seats, so he got them in the nosebleed section.  What he DIDN'T know what that he had literally bought tickets in the LAST ROW of the Verizon Center.  We were as far back as you could get.  You can see the concrete wall behind us in this pic:

Moms Hit the Town and the Sauce.

But I thought that was actually pretty hilarious.  Ironic distance or whatever.  Also, the Bacardi drink stand was nice and close to us, which made everything better.

ETA: (For your enjoyment, and to explain the post title to the bewildered)

Friday, June 14, 2013

International Day

Vineyard Vines Seersucker Dress
J Crew Featherweight Cotton Sweater
Bandolino Slides
Earrings via Macy's (no longer remember the brand...)

Today was International Day at CJ's school--which is really just the end of school talent show.  The kids sang a bunch of different songs and showed off their dancing and drumming skills as well.  It was a very cute show and I definitely enjoyed it (as I always do!).  CJ is really more of an independent singer/dancer as opposed to being great in groups (read: diva), but she did well for most of it and provided comic relief for the rest.  She is actually quite the singer when she can be convinced to join in.

Pre-show preview.

Free dance--definitely her best work.

Demanding the microphone.  She did this several times.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feeling Floral and a Wacky Tacky Bumblebee

Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs Akebia Dress
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Pesaro Slides

Wacky Tacky Tuesday at school today--CJ wore this:

Monday, June 10, 2013


On Saturday we went to the wedding of one of my former debaters (he just graduated, there are pics of him in the awards ceremony post!).  It was a 6 hour drive but we had a lot of fun getting there and back, and the wedding itself was a blast.  Plus, check out those white uniforms!  (Also check out the cute anchors I had put on my toes for a little Navy spirit.)

J Crew Ramona Dress
J Crew Lightweight Cotton Cardigan
Kate Spade Clutch
Kelly and Katie Shoes
Target Necklace
J Crew Factory Earrings

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nice Lei

J Crew Ponte Swing Dress (in Navy)
Groopdealz Rose Necklace
Bandolino Wedges

Ah, yet another entry in my collection of work-appropriate pajama dresses.  The seam at the waist called out for a belt but I don't have a navy one and couldn't find my white one, so I did without.  I loved this dress in papaya but couldn't justify it, even at $60 on sale.  The navy, however, seemed far more reasonable at that price.

I'm glad I bought this necklace for $15 from Groopdealz (lol name) as opposed to $150 from J Crew because I think it might be a tad large.  One of my colleagues asked if I was going to do a hula after lunch.  Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but it's definitely a "statement piece" and perhaps a statement I should not make too often.

I do not know what that crumply white thing behind my feet is, and frankly, my friends, I do not care.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Topic Meeting Looks

Two-and-a-half day conference at Georgetown to write the ballot options for the debate topic.  No one is likely to be interested in that, but here's what I wore:

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Anthropologie Dixie Dot Dress
Bandolino Sandals
DIY Daisy Bead Earrings

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
J Crew Dizzy Anchors Dress
Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals
Target Earrings