Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Few Good Pics

Pics will come in fits and starts, but I'm still wearing clothes, I promise.

Saturday (headed to my high school best friend's wedding shower):
Kate Spade Cardigan
Banana Republic Blouse
J Crew Minnie Pants
Ugg Josette Boots
Kate Spade "Army Candy" and "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" bangles

I switched shoes when I got there to these:

CJ's in a Gap sweatshirt (duh), Gymboree leggings, and Converse slip-ons.

Monday (my outfit was thoroughly boring--black dress, black tights, black shoes--so I thought I'd do an outerwear shot):
Kate Spade Coat
Kate Spade Scarf
J Crew Ponte Dress
DKNY Shoes
Brooch from the Smithsonian Cherry Blossom Exhibit

Anthropologie HD in Paris Violante Dress
Anthropologie Moth Precious Materials Cardigan
J Crew Bow Flats
Kate Spade Bow Earrings

Pic quality--our old Nikon has bit the dust after 8+ years of service.  I am ISO a new one.  I don't want to drop a grand on a new camera so I'm looking for a point and shoot that will give me crisp and pretty outfit shots without breaking the bank.  Any idears?


  1. Oh my goodness, that outfit with the pink coat and scarf! Am I hallucinating, or does that scarf have brightly colored Christmas candies on it? It's adorable. I looks like you're wearing all black underneath it, but what a way to add some color! I think I can handle that recipe. All black underneath, snazzy coat, peppy scarf, and BAM! Very Kate Spade, indeed. :-)


    1. Thanks Liz! It is actually from the Kate Spade/Darcel NYC collaboration--it has little New York City icons (like taxis, street signs, hot dogs, aetc) on it. I bought matching ones for me and my mom for our NYC trip in December--she was super pumped.

      And yes, I left my coat on pretty much all day as without it I looked like Sister Mary Danielle.