Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Playing Catch Up--Again...

Christmas Mass Outfits on the girlies!
Kate Spade Dress
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Hue Tights
J Crew Bow Flats
(Mom's in Talbots.  CJ's in a dress from the Target/Neiman's collab last Christmas and Seychelles shoes.)

Sorry for the extended radio silence, between finals, a trip to NYC, Christmas, New Year's, and a debate tournament in California, all crammed into less than 3 weeks...things have been a little cray-cray around here.

Coming up I have my own debate tournament to host in T-10 days.  So posting will still be sporadic.  However I have a quick moment and a serious outfit backlog so here we go!

First a very few NYC pics:

Train ride

Coffee after dinner at Nino's
Kate Spade Dress
J Crew Collection Cashmere Cardigan

Waiting to skate at Rockefeller Center

Skating!  Slowly.

FAO Schwarz

Gotta hug "Elmo" in Times Square
Anthropologie Cardigan
J Crew Perfect Tee
J Crew Minnie Pants
Ugg Josette Boots
Kate Spade Bag

Christmas Morning at my parents' house:

Okay enough Christmas!!!  (Just kidding.  But I have no more cute pics that aren't repetitive.)

No pics at the debate tournament because...I'm lazy and I forgot my camera I was super busy.

Back to the grind.


J Crew Collection Cashmere Tee and Cardigan
J Crew Minnie Pants
Ugg Josette Boots
J Crew Star Necklace


Anthropologie Pleated Ponte Dress
Theory Cashmere Cardigan
Legale Leggings
Ugg Josette Boots
J Crew Bubble Stud Earrings

Bad news (for me) y'all--my Ugg run ends tomorrow.  Back in the classroom = big girl shoes.  Boo.


  1. What an awesome full post! I love your first picture with your mom and daughter in your Christmas outfits. You all look so pretty. I LOVE your hair like that! Your daughter is adorable. It looks like you guys had a fun busy time. Aaahhh! You touched that Elmo! Aaahhh! ; ).

    I can't wait for more posts! Hopefully life has settled down again!


    1. Thanks Jenni!

      I know...that "Elmo" is a petri dish, but CJ was sooooo pumped to see him. We managed to avoid touching any of the other "characters". I loved NY but it seemed much dirtier than DC--probably because so many more people live there.

      Things are about to get bananas with my debate tournament--it's next weekend--but I generally have a photographer on site to document it. So at least there will be good pics after the fact.