Friday, January 10, 2014

Back to Reality

Class started this week!

Best look scholarly for the first day...:

J Crew Collection Cashmere Cardigan
Eva Franco Frames and Fortune Dress via Modcloth
J Crew Martina Wedges 
Kate Spade Pearl Earrings

And today I ran around in this:

J Crew Factory Bow Sweater
Banana Republic Blouse
Joe Fresh Jeans
Sperry boots
Kate Spade Watch
Kate Spade Bow Earrings

Yep.  My Christmas decorations are still up.  No judgment!  We're taking them down this weekend.  I was away last weekend and Tom knows that my aggressive OCPD will brook no one else taking them down.


  1. I love your dress! I actually was looking at this same dress when it first came up on the Modcloth website and now I am kicking myself for not purchasing it. Great back to school look!

  2. So awesome! I LOVE that Modcloth dress. It is beyond perfection. You look so great. And that print is the coolest! I am jealous of your outfit. So cute!


  3. That picture is lovely of you! The pose is perfect and the dress is pretty too.
    This Christmas was odd so don't feel bad about the decorations. Because Thanksgiving was later, I noticed that everyone decorated at a different pace. In my town it seemed that decorations went up late and came down early.
    Take care,