Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Even Dottier

So I screwed up my syllabus and accidentally gave my classes the day off.  We started a week earlier than we did last year and so the "No Class" on my syllabus corresponds to last year's Labor Day.  Whoops!  I figured I'd walk over to the classroom and see how many of them had actually read the syllabus, and not a single soul was there.  I guess that means they can't claim they didn't read the syllabus later in the semester when they're bitching about the group assignment.  

It's a shame to waste this outfit, but I've locked myself in my office in the hopes that no one in my department notices how ditzy I am.

Anthropologie Take Action Dress
Talbots cardigan
J Crew silver belt
Ann Taylor Loft silver flats

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