Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girls Day, Take 2

Escorted a friend, her 12 year old daughter, and 2 other 12 year olds to the mall.  You know how, in middle school, you'd hear whispering and giggling and be like "OMG I hope that's not about me"?  Yeah, that's how the whole drive there and back went down.

Deletta Ascending Roses Tee
Citizens of Humanity Ingrid Low Rise Flare Jeans
Aerosoles Flats

ETA: My friend's husband told me this morning that as they were walking back into the house, he heard his daughter tell his wife, "Danielle is so cool."  ::high fives self::  Now I just need to time travel back to the early 90s and have her spread the word through my middle school.

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