Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Finally Friday!

CJ and Tom are out of town this weekend so I am chilling by myself.  I am going to go see Lincoln with some friends and have brunch tomorrow, then clean my whole house on Sunday (in preparation for my parents coming to spend next weekend with CJ).

I've only mentioned this 472 times before, but I'm hosting a debate tournament next weekend.  I bring it up to tell you that I'm really proud of myself because I did everything on my to-do list today related to the tournament, which means that I have almost no prep work to do next week.  All I have to do is touch base one more time with the caterers, print up signs for the doors, and go buy snacks and beverages.

I managed to last a week and a day without resorting to my trusty Minnie pants, which I own in 9 different colors (no lie, seriously--Casablanca blue, navy, vibrant flame, teal, wild orchid, british khaki, petunia, black, and denim).  I think they are my favorite because it's easy to make them look polished.  Ballet flats, sweater or shirt, done.  Less sloppy than jeans but still comfy.

J Crew Cashmere Sweater
J Crew Denim Minnie pants
David Tate flats

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