Saturday, September 24, 2011

Etsy Favorites--the Spooky Edition!

Okay, maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but October is coming up--and October means Halloween.  If you're going to buy Halloween stuff online instead of running through Target, slightly dazed, 15 minutes before trick-or-treaters show up (not like anyone here typing this has ever done that before...), you better get a move on.

Anyone can do an Amazon search and find standard-issue Halloween stuff, and lots of it is cute, too, but Etsy has some really great and unique finds for this holiday (along with some seriously creepy stuff, so maybe do this search after your kids are in bed so you don't subject them to a Dora doll painted to look like a zombie, which is the image currently haunting my nightmares).

Note: some people like gory/terrifying Halloween, some people like sexy Halloween (I used to be one, in college), and some people like adorable Halloween.  I'm sure you can guess which side I'm on here.

Candy Corn Plush:
Could this little guy be any cuter?

Ghost Trick or Treat Bag:
There's nothing better than a well-accessorized ghost.  Love the bow, sweetie!

Halloween Retro Apron:

You could go two directions with this...actual 1950s housewife costume OR zombie 1950s housewife costume (are they really that different?  I guess one has slightly better makeup).  I think we all know how I feel about ruffles.  And polka dots.  And flowers.  And brainzzzzzz!

Zebra Mini Top Hat:
I almost bought this until I saw it was under 2 inches tall, so probably more appropriate for a small child.  Baby-Kate-Middleton costume?

Witch Boot Door Hanging:
I bought one of those stick-on hooks for the front door to hang a wreath two years ago at Christmas, and now I feel like it's silently judging me when nothing is hanging from it.  This would fit the bill pretty nicely.  SHUT UP, HOOK!

Pumpkin's Delight Bracelet:
I like that this bracelet has holiday-appropriate colors without screaming "OMFG IT'S HALLOWEEN!  GET OUT YOUR TACKY LIGHT-UP PLASTIC JEWELRY!"

Rosette Headband:
Just too cute!  Not sure orange would look good in my (frankly fairly orange) hair but for CJ, no question.

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