Saturday, September 3, 2011

September is here!

Fall is coming!  Fall is coming!

Fall is my favorite season.  Winter?  Too cold.  Spring?  Too pollen-y.  Summer?  OMGWTFBBQ it's so hot and humid and nasty outside.

Plus debate starts back up again in the fall.  The beginning of the debate season is definitely my favorite.  It's before everyone gets all burned out and bummed about the direction the topic has taken.  The novices and freshmen are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  (Our freshmen are even better because the debate team gets them off the Yard, so they're like overexcited golden retriever puppies.)  The returning debaters are full of plans and anticipation for the year.  (I'd say you'd get a different story if you talk to me again in October, but by the end of October I may not be capable of speech.  Just pass me a frozen margarita and a pillow.)  Two of our novices looked at each other on Thursday and said "We want to win the national championship."  That attitude is basically what fall feels like to me.

Fall. (of 2006)

I'm also excited because Tom's sister Amy got us involved in the One Month March, which is a month-long fitness challenge to benefit pediatric cancer research.  My goal is pretty modest--to walk 30 miles throughout the month of September, which is about a mile a day--but everyone I know knows how much I hate to exercise, so a mile a day is bigtime for me.  

And, in September I'm also challenging myself to "Shop My Closet".  (I was going to call it No Shop September, like No Shave November, but that started sounding like denial which gives me hives.)  I started out thinking I'd do a 30-for-30 Challenge, but I'm not sure I'm organized enough and I'm also concerned that it would feel like even more denial which, well, back to the hives.  So instead I'm doing this, which seems easier and a better fit for the crazy swings in dress code that make up my life.  

Sooooo...that's what I'm up to this September.  I know, super-exciting stuff, huh?  

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