Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yellow Rose of...Maryland?

J Crew dress/sweater
Aerosoles shoes

Today has been rough.  Traffic getting on the Yard was terrible, I had to stop for gas on the way in which interrupted my usual commuting/car-dancing session, I almost got locked out of Mahan (where the other coffee bar is) because of either a history conference or a "Worst Tweed Suit in America" competition, and they were out of tables at the O-Club at lunch so we had to eat at the bar which always makes me feel awkward.

This conversation with CJ actually happened yesterday but it's too funny not to post:

CJ: Some nights you stay and play with Miss Molly.  (One of my debaters...she's talking about my meeting.)
Me: That's right--what do you think we do?
CJ: You eat cookies and drink juice boxes and yell at each other.

That's actually not super-far from the truth.

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