Friday, September 9, 2011

Playing hooky

J Crew Skirt, tee, and sweater
Ann Taylor Loft flats

So because of floodmageddon, Tom's workplace was closed.  Mine, while technically open, was terrifying yesterday and got another 2 inches of rain last night, so I opted to stay home.  We went to the Lebanese Taverna Cafe and then to the movies in Downtown Silver Spring, where we saw The Debt, which was pretty good.  Also fun: eye-rolling at the previews.

My hair looks awesome in this picture because of this product:

Chignon Blonde Medium Hair Donut 3" X 1.25"
THANK YOU HAIR DONUT!  You put your hair in a ponytail and then slip this over the ponytail, then flip your hair ends out over the top and secure with another ponytail holder.  The lady midshipmen (it's not midshipwomen!) on the debate team tipped me off to these and they're great.  I go from sad-mini-bun to "ooooh, ballerina hair!".  Which is nice on days when it's rainy because, as you saw in my previous photo, my hair generally looks sad when it rains.  Either it's down and frizzy or back in a ponytail and I look like I'm in 3rd grade.  But not with a hair donut!  HOORAY!


  1. I am SO happy it FINALLY stopped raining. I never like having an umbrella as my most-used accessory.

    Where oh where might I find a hair donut? I want "ohhhh, ballerina hair"!!!!

  2. YES to the rain ending, for real. We came out of the movie theater to sun and it was like I'd never seen colors before. I even said "the sky is!" Tom looked at me like I was nuts.

    I got my donut at a Sally Beauty Supply for like $2. You can get them on Amazon (but they're like $6 with the shipping) and I think I've seen them on ebay too. If you are a brunette (thought I think you're blonde Rebecca) you can actually cut the ankle/leg part off of a dark sock and roll it into a donut. That's actually what the mids do.