Sunday, April 21, 2013

Debate Party and Some Swag

Deletta Top
J Crew Factory Anchor Skimmer Capris
David Tate Flats
(DIY Ribbon Wreath--why yes, we DO have one for every occasion.)

Today we had the midshipmen debaters over for a little party at my house.  Had a lot of fun and waaaaaaaaay too much food. 

My officer representative and his wife brought me a beautiful little orchid with easy instructions on how to water it--once a week, just give it an ice cube, and keep it out of direct sunlight.  I may be able to keep this little guy alive!

Then the mids presented me with a KA-BAR knife.  It was definitely something they knew I wouldn't have.  

Here it is in the sheath:

Here it is in all of its glory (one side of it is engraved with Danielle "COTY" O'Gorman, the other with "I will cut you")  (COTY = Coach of the inside joke)


  1. Stripes are cute with the anchor pants and let me know if the ice cube a week works, I'd love to try that myself.

    I don't think anyone is going to mess with you with that knife, looks dangerous!

    1. I know! I am taking it to work (and figuring out a way to display it high up on a wall, a plaque maybe?) because I'm a little bit afraid to have it in the house. As I was taking it out of the sheath to photograph it, I was SO nervous I was going to cut myself that I almost dropped it on my foot.