Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blue Tuesday

Theory cashmere cardigan
Yoana Baraschi dress
Naturalizer wedges
J Crew Bubble Stud Earrings
Necklace via Etsy

Today was...a challenge.  I was worried about security issues after yesterday and also nervous about how long it would take to get into my office at all.  That ended up being no big deal, as the enhanced security conditions eased when they concluded there were no additional suspects at large.  However, then my computer caused bigtime serious drama (it is old but cannot be replaced for at least another year, but could not download and install a program I needed before I could continue on with a project, so that's two hours of my life I'll never get back).  I was at work until 9 and still did not finish the major project I worked on all afternoon, which means I need to go in early tomorrow.  So I'd give today a solid D-.  The only things preventing an F were a lack of serious bodily injury (THANK YOU) and my wonderful debaters.  Well, and the fact that I am about to hit the hay.  

After all, tomorrow is another day.  

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