Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Funday

Anthropologie Saturday/Sunday Across the Bow Hoodie
J Crew Perfect Boatneck Tee
GAP Polka Dot Skimmer Jeans
Converse All Star Slip-ons
LC Lauren Connor Bow Earrings
Kate Spade Love Notes Bow Ring

CJ's school potluck today.  I made crockpot mac n cheese.  So did three other moms.  (I just want to say that I was the first parent on the sign-up sheet, and WHAT IS THE POINT OF A SIGN-UP SHEET IF PEOPLE WILL SIGN UP FOR DUPLICATES?! HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE MAD?)

I digress.  So now I have about 4 pounds of mac n cheese just chilling in my fridge, waiting to make me fat.  We all know cheese is my kryptonite.  

A reluctant mini-me shot.

Annnnnnd, we're done here.


  1. Cute. Fun. Mini-you is adorable.

    Don't you want to say whatsamatta U to the other mac N cheese makers?

    1. Thank you! I totally do. I'm sure I had the "Will-Ferrell-crazy-pills" look on my face going through the buffet line...