Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sugar Mama

Target Merona Chambray Shirt
J Crew No 2 Pencil Skirt
Bandolino Mules
J Crew Necklace
LC Lauren Connor Earrings
Custom Grill via Etsy*

*Just kidding.  I don't have a grill.  Who do I look like, Katy Perry?

Oh man, I wish, even with that grill in, she is smokin'.

Anyway, just a weird trick of the flash on my super shiny teeth.  Debate Stars!  They're just like us!

Today I made brownies and brought them in for my debaters, 'cause I'm their Sugar Mama.  Wait till I start handing them stacks of $20s (per diem money, not as weird as I made it sound).  

I'm not like a regular debate coach.  I'm a cool debate coach.


  1. I love this outfit! I think I am totally going to copy you soon. I have a corduroy yellow skirt and a denim skirt. I can't wait. Now off to the dry cleaners! Thank you so much for the inspiration! And I will give you complete props if I post it. I love a great idea! Thank you!


    1. Thanks Jenni! I love blue and yellow together and was glad to see that the denim shirt worked as well as any other blue. I held off on the chambray shirt craze for too long and now I've drunk the kool-aid!