Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up--Cause School Is Starting!

CJ's school, that is.  Mine started like...forever ago.

Navy does this thing where, to compensate for all the Mondays that are off days for federal holidays, they declare that a Tuesday becomes a Monday for scheduling purposes (you attend/teach as though it's a Monday).  This is horrifically confusing (especially for someone who only has a loose grasp of day/date/time anyway) and happened yesterday.  I'm on a T/TH schedule so when I go back in to teach my students they won't have seen me for a week.  I wonder if they'll remember me at all?

J Crew Factory "Silk" Collar Top--quickie review, I loved this.  Comfy fabric, flattering fit.
J Crew Minnie Pants
David Tate Flats
Earrings, Necklace and Hair Clip all via Etsy

She was in a great mood but isn't much for standing still long enough for a picture.  Sweet kicks, though!

This is how she REALLY felt.  But only because she had to stop running up and down the hallways in excitement so I could actually take the picture.  She was a happy kid when I picked her up, too!  Nothing makes a mom happy like hearing her kid say how much fun was had at school.  


  1. Aw, I always loved the first day of school. Kids just seem to make friends with each other so effortlessly. None of this "socially awkward" stuff yet, bleh!

    1. Yes, they're so good about it!

      Now, in fairness, none of this was really "new" to her--she's gone to this same school with the same kids for a few years now and actually spent the summer at a "camp" run by the school, basically just summer school with some swimming thrown in. So it's really "Welcome back to school after a 3 week break which almost drove your parents insane!"

      This is probably her last year here (they go through first grade, talking about starting a 2nd grade program but they aren't sure yet) so that was a little bit of sadness for us.