Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Evening Out

Tonight Tom and I met one of our college debate coaches at Cava Mezze, which is a Greek-style Tapas restaurant. Paul is a vegetarian so we mostly ordered meatless dishes to share and everything was so good that I really did not miss having meat at all.  (Well, we did have a moussaka so I'm not sure I can say I didn't miss the meat since I had some...but if we had ordered another vegetarian dish instead, I wouldn't have minded at all.)

J Crew Bouquet Cardigan in Putty
J Crew Mirabel Dress
Kelsi Dagger Slides
Coin Pearl Earrings by Lumina Jewels Too via Etsy
Hair Rosette Clip by DFinn via Etsy


  1. I can't seem to go to a Greek restaurant without ordering some type of lamb - they do it so well!

    You look so pretty in that dress!

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    The moussaka had lamb in it and it was also really good. I feel like I could have eaten just about anything on the menu and been happy.