Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Is What Saturday 0700 Looks Like

I was sitting around on Friday night at around 10 (2200), doing nothing, dorking around on Facebook when the following conversation happened between me and one of my debaters:

N: Is your office unlocked?
Me: No, you want to hide something in it?
N: No, I was going to do some work tomorrow and wanted a place to hide so they don't make me do something stupid.
Me: Oh, ok, no problem, I can come in and unlock it for you.  When is good?  (Please don't say before 0800...)
N: Ok...0800...
Me: ?
N: It's just that we have this mandatory funeral at 1100.
Me: ok
N: So if we want to do work we should do it early, like at 7
Me: ?
N: 7 am...0700
Me: ughghghghghghghghghhh fine but I think this counts as hazing.

Lesson of the night?  Get off Facebook, or pretend to be an old person who doesn't know how Facebook chat works.  Just kidding--I never turn down a request to do debate work.

So I woke up at 5:30 am so that I could look like a human for this work session, leave the house at 6:20, and still make the drive there for the "0700 muster".

J Crew Port of Call Sweatshirt  (If you have any thoughts of getting this you should.  It is super comfortable and I think it looks casual-polished, as opposed to casual-sloppy.)
Mossimo Tee shirt  (This was $5 at Target.  I threw it on so as to not look like a Smurf in head-to-toe blue.  It peeks out a little at the top and covers up any risk of muffin top around the waist--the sweatshirt is a little short.  Also, it is mustard so now I am in school colors.)
Citizens of Humanity Ingrid Low Waist Flare

I am wearing my Converse Chuck slip-ons, but DESPITE MY BEST INSTRUCTIONS my debater did not capture them in the photo.  Good thing he was gone by the time I looked at it or he would have gotten an NCIS-style head slap.

And is naptime.


  1. just got one today!!!


    1. Hooray! I think I'm going to be wearing it a lot this fall.