Friday, July 8, 2011

Awkward/Awesome for the week


*Answering the door to get the mail without having a bra on. This used to be less essential but then I had CJ, so...awkward moment with the mailman when I realized I wasn't wearing one.

*It became painfully obvious that I don't like one of our department interns in a conversation with one of my colleagues and close friends who LOVES this intern. (I mean if name-dropping, importance-inflating jerks are your thing then you'd love him too.)


*Working with Favorite Intern (aka ALW). Who knew scanning backfiles and cleaning could be this much fun?

*Tuesday/Thursday lunches at the Officer Club. Feeling like a fancy lady, but getting unlimited soup and salad for $9 (including tip)? Epic.

*Starting this blog. Duh.

*Hanging out with CJ. Not to say it's all sunshine and roses but she's pretty funny and girlfriend knows how to have fun. (Watching Wonderpets in our PJs while we eat oatmeal cookies? YES PLEASE.)

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