Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Awkward/Awesome

Not recognizing the new Dep Dant when he walked past me today; he smiled and Kelsey said "Hello Sir!" and I kind of stared at him blankly. attention...that was a lost opportunity to be charming.

Not being able to tell the Pendergrass twins apart (see below). Hopefully I can skate by on the old person excuse.

Running into a glass door in front of two foreign officers. Awkward AND awesome.

I think it's become obvious to the intern I don't like that I don't like him. Also he makes faces when I tell jokes at lunch, like "girls-aren't-allowed-to-make-that's-what-she-said-jokes faces" which extra annoys me.

*This isn't really awkward but it definitely isn't awesome--I got home today at 6:30 and found a notice from the water company stuck in the screen door. The notice said that they would be cutting off our water at 9 AM TOMORROW and hopefully they would turn it on again 8 hours later but no guarantee. No problem water company, not like I'm trying to potty train a toddler or anything over here. Thanks for all the notice, because I probably wouldn't have tried to rearrange my work schedule to get around this problem or anything. Jerks!

The Pendergrass twins. So, I don't really recruit for the debate team per se. Either you want to come to USNA and you debate, or you don't, it's kind of hard to convince kids to join the military if they're not into it (and I don't want to be responsible for suckering kids into a major life choice that's hard to get out of if it's not their thing). Somehow, identical twin girls who debated with each other for 4 years in high school are both incoming freshmen and want to debate. WHAT? AWESOME. Also, they're adorable. And terrified because plebe summer is scary, so they were sort of befuddled by how nice Kelsey and I were being. Duh, Navy Debate is hard work but it's also popsicles in the debate office and hugs and friendly pep talks. And if it weren't I wouldn't be able to do it. (Especially the popsicle part, sometimes you just need a fix.)

"Debate Coach Barbie and Ensign Skipper Recruit the Pendergrass Twins!" much true.

Tarragon Chicken for lunch at the O-Club. And blueberry pie. It totally made up for the faces Jerk Intern was making at my jokes.

CJ apparently uses the potty like a champ for anyone except me and Tom. I guess that's awesome...?

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