Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Awesome Weekend Plans

So I have a rare weekend to myself, with not much going on.  TWO WHOLE DAYS!

What am I planning on doing with those days?  Such glamorous activities as:

*Cutting debate evidence
*Trying on fall clothes to figure out what fits, what needs alteration and what goes to consignment (I have lost 22 pounds since last fall so this is kind of important)
*Grocery shopping
*Cleaning and organizing the house before crazy (uh, I mean, "debate") season starts

In preparation, I re-skimmed this book.  (Yes, I am the sort of person who reads books about how to get rid of things, judge away.)

I also enjoyed this post, by the author of the book.  In addition to being the kind of person who reads books about clutter, I am the kind of person who starts a big project, gets 3/4 of the way through it, and then gets frustrated and either throws everything away (only to need something I tossed 3 days later), puts everything "away" (not in it's place but willy-nilly), or just leaves everything laying out where I put it (bed in the guest room covered with my clothes, I'm looking at you).  Which ends up making life MORE stressful, not less stressful, which is kind of the opposite of the goal.  So I guess the advice to start small and manageable is good.

My frustration areas are definitely the basement (arghghghhghghhh giant basement playroom, I kind of hate you because there is so much OPEN SPACE for mess) and the guest room (which is really my closet that happens to have a bed in it).  I'm planning on starting in the guest room first (it's the most urgent because Tom's mom is coming to visit in a week and needs that bed, and it also coincides with my other goal of trying on clothes).  I'll try to remember to take before/after pictures for you to gawk at...maybe my mess will make you feel better about YOUR mess!

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