Sunday, July 17, 2011

WANT these shoes...bizarrely...

I was shopping with Kelsey today and saw these in Kohls.  There is no way I should want these shoes.  I should look at them, write them off as stripper-gear, and buy another pair of ballet flats.  My style tends toward the vintage-y, very feminine, verging on matronly.  These are a pair of 4 inch heels with a 1 inch platform in "silver glitter" (I swear to God that was the color on the box...though it was actually more of a multicolored glitter).

Me: WOW!  Look at these!
Kelsey: Shiny... ::tries to walk away::
Me: I kind of want them.
Kelsey: Really?  ::long pause:: But what would you do with them?
Me: Wear them.
Kelsey: WHERE?
Me: I dunno, class?  Debate tournaments?
Kelsey: Yup, great idea.  You should definitely buy them so you can fall down at debate tournaments in them.
Me: They are only $30...

So I took a picture for posterity instead.  SPARKLY SHOES!  I MISS YOU!


  1. I kind of want them too!

  2. What about making glittery ballet shoes?

  3. YES! Now I am on a quest. I must have them.


  5. I saw those same shoes at Kohls last week and had to take a moment to gush about them. And then I snapped back to reality and remembered that I trip on flat surfaces while wearing ballet flats. So those glittery pieces of loveliness would probably kill me. But a girl can take a moment and dream and gush.

  6. Seriously! Wearing these out of the house would have been a "bring your helmet and remember to tuck-and-roll" kind of experience.

  7. Seriously, those shoes are amazing!

  8. For those of us who, unlike me, are actually capable of walking in heels, here is a link:

    I believe they are, um, "inspired" by these kate spade heels: