Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY Iced Vanilla Latte

I love my Keurig. It is the best Christmas present I ever stole from my mother-in-law. But it didn't get a whole lot of use in warm weather because who wants to drink hot coffee when it's 90 degrees out at 8 am? Not even this caffeine addict.

Here's how we roll--I fill a travel mug with ice, then brew the K Cup directly over the ice. (The coffee is an extra strong blend that's made to be brewed this way, so don't worry about getting a wimpy cup of coffee.) For you hard core black coffee drinkers, you're done.

But me, I'm a wuss. I like my coffee to taste like a milkshake full of rainbows and unicorns and candy. So after I brew the coffee, I top off the mug (it's a real big mug, a 24 oz Tervis Tumbler. I'm not messing around with my caffeine problem.) with one of these.

Now on their own, these are a little thick-tasting and sweet even for me, the rainbow-unicorn-candy-latte queen. But poured over some iced black coffee? Perfect. Lovin' it. (Target has a special running on them this week--you can get a 4 pack for $5, which is pricey, but given that one ginormous iced latte will run you like $5 at Starbucks, it's still a savings.)

Oh Keurig, I'll never leave you again.

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