Monday, July 11, 2011

Tom's on a roll

Chicken chile verde enchiladas (without the tortilla)
Black bean salad

Tom made this for dinner. I know it looks not the most appetizing (also, quit judging me for having chips in my dinnerware), but it was amazing. He did the enchilada filling in the crockpot (hey, I'M the crockpot ninja in this relationship!).

To do the enchiladas you throw three chicken boobs and two cans of enchilada sauce in the crockpot with a chopped up jalepeno and some chopped red onion. Cook that sucker all day on low. Twenty minutes before you serve it, shred the chicken, then throw a whole bunch of shredded cheese on top so it gets all melty and awesome.

The black bean salad recipe is here.

Both are South Beach Phase 1 compatible--except for the corn in the salad which I conveniently ignore. The black bean salad is vegetarian.

::reaches into snaps jar::

Tom also did the dishes! TWO SNAPS FOR TOM!

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