Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two, two, two mints in one!

By "mints", I mean outfits-of-the-day.  Also, the lighting in these is not great.  Experimenting with outdoor photos was fun except for the 650 bugbites I suffered and the fact that it's 200 degrees outside.  Yes, I am wearing the same sweater in both photos...I love me a good Jackie cardigan.  


Dress: Anthropologie Highest Accolades
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie Cardigan, White
Shoes: Silver Sam and Libby Flats (shocking, I know)


Dress: Anthropologie Gull Wing Dress
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie Cardigan, White
Shoes: Anne Klein Slides, Black (NOT flats, 1 inch heel, OMGZ)

Today was Kelsey's last day at USNA--she leaves for San Diego tomorrow morning.  I thought there would be more tears but in reality, I felt a lot of the sense of "loss" back at graduation.  This month has really felt like a gift and I'm grateful for it.  Plus we got a boatload (har har) of work done--the only people crying will be the aff teams who have to debate her sick neg strategy.  ;)

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